Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Summer in Gascony

This was our first family visit to France and we absolutely loved it! The landscape is beautiful, the food was fantastic and the people were lovely. We had the best time at the regular night markets that are held all over France, where you can buy local produce which is cooked there in front of you and eaten at long communal tables alongside locals. Entertainment is provided by local bands and interesting old village characters. This is the best way to sample the tastes of Gascony, which we found came in the form of duck, duck and duck. The weekly food markets are a welcome escape from the regular supermarket slog, plastic packaging is replace with straw baskets and the colours and variety of fruit and veg are amazing. We had a fantastic time and can't wait for our next French adventure! Many thanks to our hosts Tony and Sue, it was the best break we've had in long time!

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